August 2, 2011
West End Comedy
 had two fun shows at HATTheatre in July with a full house for each!  These were our farewell and “good luck in college” shows for two of West End Comedy‘s own – Courtney Steuber and Jake Oswell.  We’ll miss you two!  Thank you to our audiences, our guest performers Middle Management of the Richmond Comedy Coalition for a laugh-filled evenings.  What great times.

August 2, 2011
Team final.revised‘s Summer League was named the Best Film at The 48 Hour Film Project in Richmond, Va.!  Summer League also was awarded Best DirectingBest ActingBest WritingBest Use of LineAudience Award from screening group, and tied for Best Editing.  Among the talented and professional cast and crew of final.revised were members of West End Comedy.  To view the final.revised award winning film, click here.

August 2, 2011
Here’s a comment we recently received from an audience member for our all audiences show –

“Just wanted to let you know that my family really enjoyed the West End Comedy show. What a great treat! It was a clean show that gave us lots of laughs, so we plan to visit again!”


July 26, 2011

Members of West End Comedy were part of team final.revised for the 2011 48 Hour Film Festival in Richmond, Virginia.  What a great experience!  Come out and see Summer League on Sunday, July 31st at 1:00 pm at the Byrd Theatre (2908 West Cary Street).

June 15, 2011

During the NCAA Sweet Sixteen round this past March, both the VCU Rams and the UR Spiders were playing. WE Comedy had a show that night…

“Sophie and I headed out to the West End Comedy show tonight while the guys were at home watching basketball…and WE LOVED IT!!  We will definitely spread the word AND bring the whole gang back next time!  :)  Sophie about fell out of her chair laughing.  :)  What fun!  Thank you!”  ~Melissa R.

Thank you Sophie and Melissa!

June 8, 2011

Kudos to skETCh from Appomattox Regional Governor School, Uncharted Territory from Atlee High School, and Cliche from Meadowbrook High School for fun and entertaining performance.  What a show and what a sold out show!

Congratulations to Cliche for winning the High School Improv-itational and opening our show on Friday, May 29th!


April 13, 2011
WE Comedy had a great weekend in Easthampton, MA at The Williston Northampton School.  The workshop was a great time, and we had so much fun with the students during the show and the improv jam.  There is a lot of talent at Williston. WE learned that “Bean hates mayonnaise,” “The sun serves cupcakes on Tuesday,” and “When planting carrots, you are planting hope.”  Kudos, guys.  Kudos.

April 5, 2011
West End Comedy participated in the Monument Avenue 10k as the spirit group for VCU Massey Cancer Center. WE cheered runners at the 1 and 6 mile mark.  “Run, run this is mile six; your almost there  – pick up your kicks!”

Update- WE Comedy was the 13th top spirit group for the 10k!  We’re donating our $50 prize to VCU Massey Cancer Center.

March 31, 2011
March Show recap…


On Friday, March 25th while we were pulling for the VCU Rams and the U R Spiders to win in the Sweet 16, West End Comedy celebrated an audience birthday who was honored as a superhero in our own Superhero Eulogy.  On Saturday in front of a sold out show, Bent Theatre of Charlottesville opened with class and hilarity.  “Darn, those guys are good.  We have to follow them?” West End Comedy had their set of marriage proposals in Sit, Stand, Kneel to Jody Matzer expressing to the audience how he likes his women compared to a washing machine.  The Anna is Awesome short form jam in its experimental and fun phase welcomed several audience members on stage.  So many good times and laughs!

March, 5, 2011
February show recap…

West End Comedy had great shows on Friday, February 25th and Saturday, February 26th.  Our all audiences show on Friday was opened by character Nigel “the Wunda from Down Unda” McKenzie followed with fun improv games where our performers were caught doing ballet twirls, singing songs about halibut, and defeating supervillians with silly string.  Our audience on Saturday night enjoyed the stylings of stand-up John Reaves and watched improv about an expert on bananas on a cooking show and the exploration of Grandpa’s attic.  The Julie Andrews Love Squad long form improv jam featured improvisers in the Armando format.

March 2, 2011
Each month
Macaroni Kid Richmond has a giveaway for West End Comedy tickets for our all audiences and mature shows.  Deb H. and her son Christopher were the winners for our all audiences show on Friday, Feb. 25th.

Here’s what Deb had to say after the show, “WOW!  What a fun show we went to tonight!  I had NO idea what I was going into.  Christopher, my almost 7 year old, and I had a GREAT time.  The actors were brilliant, and my being so involved and laughing so hard and watching Christopher participate was more than I bargained for!  The group did an amazing job and kept everyone laughing.  We really enjoyed it, and can’t wait to make it back to another show!”

Thank you Deb (and Christopher), and WE Comedy looks forward to seeing you again soon.

February 10, 2011

Kate K. and her kitty…

A portion of our tickets sales and additional donations from our January benefity shows went to Kate Kozonasky who recently relocated to Richmond.  She lost everything in an apartment fire in Philadelphia in early January.  Kate shared some wonderful news with me- “While I’ve had some incredible donations since the fire, yours is one I will see the benefits of for at least 9 lives. The donations you’ve graciously given me from the comedy show are paying a transportation service to reconnect me with my one surviving cat. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. A FB post doesn’t do you enough justice to show how grateful I am and I know that, but I couldn’t wait to thank you. I’ll never forget this.”

Thank you for sharing this great news with us.  We’re happy that your kitty is on its way home!

February 7, 2011

West End Comedy going and growing strong…
has had three incredible months with our performers, shows, formats, and, most importantly, our audiences.  It has been great to offer an affordable family friendly improvisation format to Richmond.  Thank you for everything.  WE hopes to continue to celebrate success!