Jody Matzer


Jody Matzer was a founding member of West End Comedy and our former art director.  His high school guidance counselor once referred to him as a renaissance man.  Over the years, Matzer has worn that description as a badge of honor. The self-published author holds a BFA in Illustration from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Through his company Matzer Illustration, he works in his studio creating original illustrations for a varied list of clients.  Jody also cooks and nearly opened his own restaurant in 2009 before the economy disagreed.  Jody Matzer was a member of the first improv comedy troupe to perform in Richmond, Virginia and was a member of Random Acts Improv Comedy troupe and an ensemble player with the group Paradox. If he had a personal motto, Jody would most likely go with “Find your grail,” “You’ll never know…if you never go,” or maybe even “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”  Matzer also has a problem making decisions.  He left West End Comedy to continue his pursuit of television and movies roles as well as commercial work on the local and national levels.